Tip of the Month

Did you know that you can click on your HotSnail item with the right mouse button to active the context menu. This context menu provides you with "Rescan" and "Custom Action" options.

We process a lot of mail on a daily basis and human error can occur, if your not satisfied that the scan quality or part of the scan is cut off or missing pages etc, you can right click the mail item, choose Rescan and put a description of the particular issue of concern. HotSnail will re-scan that mail for you free of charge.

Somtimes you may want to ask or tell us something about a particular piece of mail you have received which is not possible via the common actions available in the website. If you right click and choose custom action, you can send us a request associated with a particular piece of mail. Depending on your request, charges may apply but we will advise you first.




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