Australia Post reminds you to correctly address your mail this Christmas

Australia post has thousands of unclaimed mail items to Auction including a bowling ball, hair straighteners, bludstone boots and an expresso machine. The proceeds of the auction will go to charities including The Cancer Council, The World Wildlife Fund and the RSPCA.

Australia Post Spokesperson, Sarah Gordon says "In Victoria, more than 4,000 items a day make their way to our Mail Redistribution Centre because the sender has used the incorrect address and forgotten to include a return address on the back of the envelope or parcel".

"That number increases significantly at Christmas time, especially as more Australians are going online to do their gift shopping, with Australia Post delivering an extra 100,000 parcels every day in December."

Ms Gordon says it is a shame some people might never receive the Christmas presents they are sent because of simple addressing mistakes.

It's important to include a postcode because many suburb names are duplicated around the country. For example, Victorians know we have a Richmond, but there is also one in Tasmania, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland. Without the postcode and state in the address, it's difficult to know which one you mean."

Ms Gordon said that the golden rule for posting letters or parcels is to always put your own name and address on the back. "That way, if for some reason we can't locate the recipient or the address is incorrect, we can get the item back to you."

When mail arrives incorrectly addressed at Australia Posts mail redistribution centre,  approximately 50 per cent of the mail is reunited with the sender or intended recipient.

"Staff at the Mail Redistribution Centre have special authority to open mail that arrives there. If they find a name or address inside the item, they attempt to reunite the item with the sender or recipient," said Ms Gordon.

"If a return address cannot be found after this investigation, items are catalogued and kept for up to 12 months. They are only auctioned for charity if not claimed during this time, so it really is a last resort."


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