Why use Mail ID's?

We are aware that some other mail redirection companies operate without the use of Mail ID's in the address. At HotSnail we have spend much time considering the use of Mail ID's and and pros and cons of using them. For a smaller mail redirectors with fewer customers, managing duplicate names might not be an issue however at HotSnail we have many customers including some with duplicate names, and have invested considerable resources towards future growth. The challenge for a growing postal service like HotSnails then becomes maintaining the strict privacy and service levels our customers expect. We allow our customers to elect as many names on their accounts as required and we also alow all our customers to use any of HotSnails addresses without any additional charges, and the only way we can offer this service and maintain absolute privacy is by alocating a mail ID to our customers.

In the case that HotSnail's customer might wish to redirect their mail, they can simply list the Mail ID on the redireciton.

HotSnails systems are flexible enough to allow the Mail ID to be used in many different formats. Some of our customers find it easier, or more asthetic to list the ID as a suit number prefix to the address, in which case the HotSnail operator will identify the Mail ID from the address and handle accordingly.

In the case that we receive a mail item without a mail ID, and the persons name isn't on our ID-Free shortlist, then an investigation must commence to ensure that the mail item is processed to the correct mail account. In the event that this occurs, a $4 search fee is charged to compensate for time taken to perform this action.

HotSnail understands that a Mail ID might not suit all customers in which case there is a limmited shortlist of customers who can reserve all their potential addressable names in a short list for an ID-Free address. HotSnail can only responsibly offer this to a limmited number of customers and does incur additional fees, in some cases of if this option isn't available these customers may wish to simply get their own PO box and then setup the Mail ID on the redirection to HotSnails PO Box.



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